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Tuk Tuk Meter

It is a Dynamic GPS based distance and fare  calculator with New and Improved User Experience, Swipe between Distance, Rate and Map. New and improved intuitive Interface makes the already simple application simpler. This application dynamically measures the distance traveled and if required calculates the fare for the journey. This application enables the user to be in more control of his travel, check where exactly he is being driven to, checking the fare and the distance he/she is travelling. It acts as a guard against faulty meters and is an application so simple which anyone can use easily.

  •  Real-Time distance update with Global Positioning System
  •  Editable rates for for multi-city usage.
  •  Does not require GPRS/ EDGE connection for functioning.
  •  Intuitive path calculation algorithm to trace the journey route

"Tuk Tuk app is a glimpse into the future of possibilities. With an app like that you really don’t have to depend on a meter you know you can’t trust. "

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